My Setup


HTML: Emmet

CSS: Stylus

UI: Bootstrap

Icons: Font Awesome 

JS: AngularJS, NodeJS (Mongoose, Nodemon), ExpressJS

PHP: {

Packages: Composer

Framework: Laravel, Eloquent, Blade

Images: Zebra

Dom Manipulation: 


Database: MySQL, SQLite (GUI), MongoDB (+ MongoHub)

Server: MAMP

Editors: Sublime Text (+ packages), Atom, Brackets, Xcode

Browsers: Firefox (+ addons), Chrome (+ extensions)

FTP: FileZilla

Documentation: Dash

Version Control: SourceTree

Scratch: Scratch 2

Mac App: {

3D: Cinema 4D, OpenSCad

Audio Editor: Audition

Audio Tag: TriTag

Calculator: Soulver

Clipboard Manager: ClipMenu

Download: uTorrent, SiteSucker

File Duplicate: Gemini

File Manager: Path Finder

File Rename: A Better File Rename

Images: Photoshop, Illustrator, Graphic Converter

Media Players: MPlayerX, VLC

Mind Map: SimpleMind

OCR: ABBYY Fine Reader

Publish: InDesign

Readers: RSS (Feedly), PDF (Acrobat), EPUB (Digital Editions)

Timing Manager: Timing

Video Converter: Hand Brake, FFMPEG

Video Editor: Premiere


Linux App: {

FileDuplicate: Dupe



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Homebrew have 16 options

brew -h

  1. brew [info | home | options ] [FORMULA...]
  2. brew install FORMULA...
  3. brew uninstall FORMULA...
  4. brew search [foo]
  5. brew list [FORMULA...]
  6. brew update
  7. brew upgrade [FORMULA...]
  8. brew pin/unpin [FORMULA...]
  9. brew doctor
  10. brew install -vd FORMULA
  11. brew [--env | config]
  12. brew create [URL [--no-fetch]]
  13. brew edit [FORMULA...]
  14. open
    Further help:
  15. man brew
  16. brew home